Strut Orthotics

This Kitsilano Foot Doctor Knows Her Strut!

You think on your feet, but do you think of your feet?



Have you been tolerating foot, knee, hip or back pain? Has someone said you walk funny?
Have you stopped doing activities you love to do because your feet hurt?
Perhaps you have flat feet, bunions or plantar fasciitis. But you really need an expert to tell you so, and what to do about it! 

Dr. Sue Turner has been servicing the Kitsilano & Vancouver area for 30 years as a Doctor of Podiatric Medicine, specializing in biomechanics. She offers a comprehensive foot exam, and if orthotics are required, they are made from a non-weight bearing cast of the foot at our office in Kitsilano or at your workplace, home, or facility.
Her mission is to see you strutting off into your life, pain free.


Our clinic is located in the heart of Kitsilano, 15 minutes from downtown, and 30 minutes from the Vancouver Airport!

Get to the bottom of your foot pain.
Learn more about common conditions,
possible complications, and their treatment.

Custom foot orthotics are medical devices that
optimize the biomechanics of your unique stance and gait.

If you’re not sure how a podiatrist can help you, call or email Sue to have that conversation.