Dr. Sue Turner

Dr. Sue Turner

Dr. Turner

Dr. Turner is a Doctor of Podiatric Medicine and has
been practicing podiatry in Vancouver since 1991.
She is a kinesiologist and specialist in treating
lower extremity problems using
techniques that alter the way
the foot hits the ground and functions within footwear. 

She also has extensive experience dealing with arthritis-related
foot and gait problems,
as well as chronic pain. 

She is highly regarded as a
custom foot orthotics expert, and believes that even
small improvements in
foot function can alter peoples’ lives and abilities to
walk, run, play, dance and do whatever
they really want to do in life.

What is unique about how Dr. Turner makes
orthotics is her integrated and holistic
approach to diagnosing and prescribing orthotics for lower extremity pain and problems.

“Our feet are that upon which we stand and live our lives.
They deserve the best possible care they can get.”

Sue says,
“I love people and all their foot foibles, and other foibles too. I am a sole doctor.
Sometimes people
just need to be listened to like they’ve never been listened to before.”

If you’re not sure how a podiatrist can help you, call or email Sue to have that conversation.