Do You Need Orthotics?

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Do You Need Orthotics?

How do you know if you need Orthotics? Exactly! You don’t want to waste your time and money on something you might not need. Orthotics, when made from an accurate diagnosis and prescription are highly effective at treating almost any foot or lower extremity problem. But, there are never guarantees. The body is complex, and the foot bone’s connected to the…you know the story.

You want to get to the source of the problem and sometimes orthotics must be used in conjunction with other treatments to provide optimal results. This may require follow-up and patience.

Many people swear by their orthotics–they are miraculous in some cases. Other people have sworn off orthotics because they have experienced nothing but problems. As with any medical problem, you must seek out the professional who will give you the best possible advice. If you try to take shortcuts you may be unhappy with the results. It can be difficult because there are so many options and so many people recommending, prescribing and dispensing custom orthotics.

You will undoubtedly get different opinions from different people. You may be concerned that you will become “dependent” on orthotics if you start using them. There is nothing wrong with trying other options, from osteopathy to exercises, to physiotherapy to massage therapy to chiropractic or acupuncture treatments. Even naturopaths and homeopaths can treat foot problems using natural and ancient methods of healing.

However, if your foot or lower extremity or back pain persists and your life is impacted, ie. you’ve given up your favourite exercise, you’ve put on weight, you can’t wear the shoes you’d like to wear … orthotics could make a huge, at times miraculous difference in your symptoms and how your body functions over the long term.

Podiatrists are medically trained specialists in diagnosing and treating all foot problems! Foot problems may be causing, foot, knee, hip, back or gait problems that may have you thinking about orthotics as an option.

Orthotics are extremely effective if you have certain biomechanical indicators. These indicators cannot be accurately assessed by watching someone walk, or even by looking at your shoe wear.

Strut Orthotics is committed that we get to the source of your problem. We will help you identify what are all the contributing factors. You will receive a podiatric biomechanical assessment and advice/referrals to address the source. Most extended medical companies reimburse for visits and the type of orthotics podiatrists make.

We invite you to consider your body as a precious vehicle for you to thrive in your life. We invite you to visit Strut to find out whether you need orthotics and if you so choose, to enjoy the process and results of our work that is committed to have you fulfill on a vital and fully expressed life…with your healthy foot function leading the way.

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