How Do Orthotics Work?

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How Do Orthotics Work?

Unlike generic arch supports that simply provide cushion under the arch, custom foot orthotics change the way the ground pushes up against the foot. Orthotics predictably alter the biomechanics of the foot. With orthotics, the new functionality of your foot can have a drastic impact on the health of your foot and your body overall.

Once you have a proper diagnosis, orthotics may be part of the treatment plan. They are usually not a cure-all. Often there are other treatments that need to be followed along with the orthotics – new shoes, massage, stretching, physiotherapy and activity modification are a few examples.

At Strut Orthotics we are committed to getting to the source of your problem. The biomechanical and gait assessment will include looking for issues outside the feet and appropriate referrals will be made. We are committed to getting your body back to its optimal state, so that you may thrive in life as your body gets better and that you are thriving in your life as a result of your experience and the orthotics and treatment you receive at Strut.

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