Dr. Sue Turner, owner-operator of Strut Orthotics was formerly known as the Singing Podiatrist. She is a recording artist, singer-songwriter who has studied and passionately pursued her love of music for 20 years. She doesn’t believe in limits. She will sing for her patients…if requested.

She moved to Vancouver in 1991 to practice podiatry after studying the specialty in San Francisco from 1986 to 1991. Her background is in Kinesiology – she has a BSC from the University of Waterloo. While there, she swam competitively and enjoyed the intensity of studying science and the human body while she swam her heart out in the pool for 3 years to qualify for, and medal at the CIAU Nationals.

“Feet are awesome”, she says. “As are the people attached to them!” Dr. Turner is known for her relentless commitment and skill in making orthotics that work, and providing an acute listening for getting people the results they want.

Strut Orthotics has a vision for brazen success. That success is rooted in making a contribution to people and the planet.

Pain impacts mobility & mood and thus a person’s willingness to stay physically & mentally active, and in service of living a fulfilled life.