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I Have Flat Feet. Do I Need Arch Supports ?

I have flat feet. Do I need arch supports ? Flat feet are quite rare. Less than 10% of the population in North America have this condition. It is known medically as pes planus,; distinct from pes cavus (high arches) People are typically born with pes planus. Less often, flat feet can develop when normal arches “fall” over time. Years of walking, running and standing can weaken the posterior tibialis tendon...

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Tips For Orthotics Lovers

A few pointers on how to love your orthotics even more than you already do...

Foot Myths That Are Hurting You

Your foot hurts !!!" There are many scenarios in which you might decide to wait it out and see if your foot pain will go away...

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Dr. Turner's Foot Fracture Recovery​

An Insightful Interview by Holly Faris
1. What happened to your foot?
I broke it walking down the stairs.
I wasn’t doing anything out of the ordinary.
It was a fluke...

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Are Bunion Splints Useful ?

Bunion splints are sold by drug stores, medical companies, and are easily accessible online. They are generally worn at night for the purpose of stretching out the soft tissues and attempting to move the bunion joint back into position. Does it work ? ...

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Bunions - Must Knows and Dos Before Surgical Correction

Podiatrists see a lot of patients who deal with bunions. Bunions are bumps on the joints in the ball of the foot, either on the inside (big toe) or the outside. You can have a bunion on either or both sides. Like any foot ordeal, there are misconceptions and myths for how one gets and treats bunion(s).

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Who Should I Trust My Bunions To?

Let’s start at the beginning. The bunion beginning.  Bunions are hereditary in the sense that you inherit the foot type that predisposes you to get bunions.  How does your foot type predispose you to bunions ?...

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Getting Inside the Mind of a 'Singing Podiatrist' !

A Fun Interview by Holly Faris ... Holly: "Why Feet?" Dr. Turner: “Feet seemed so simple and straightforward. I just wanted to be an independent person, and podiatry seemed like a good idea at 26. As it turns out, I have foot problems of my own, which I have successfully treated (luckily).”

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Did podiatrists invent pronation ?

I googled "foot pronation" to find 4.35 million hits. Everybody has something to say about pronation. It's like googling the common cold .... pronation is a complex foot motion that is oversimplified and misunderstood by many.

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Summer Foot Flops and Toe Woes

Keeping your feet healthy and happy all summer long can be a challenge. Between the long walks and skimpy shoes ... our feet go through a lot. And if you wear orthotics, finding summer shoes that will work with them can often add to the frustration...

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Delivering You From The Foot Problems of Pregnancy

Pregnancy is a very unique time for a woman’s body, and there are inevitable impacts on the feet and entire lower extremity that in turn impact the overall health of the mom and the baby ... Alright, so what can be done from a podiatrists’ view point ?...

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Plantar Fasciitis - Will it Ever End ?

First and foremost, don’t despair. With the right treatment plantar fasciitis will go away. But you may have to take new actions to have that happen. Many people begin to feel as though it will never go away, because it can take a looooooong time. Too long right? I’m going to offer what I believe are the most important things to do to get rid of plantar fasciitis...

The Foot Trooth

If your feet hurt and you can't seem to solve the problem, you are in good company. Feet are the most complex part of the body and there are so many things that can go wrong !! And, there many different types of practitioners offering different perspectives.
Who has the foot trooth ?...

Who is Sue Turner?

I am the daughter of my parents, Bev and Rick Turner.  I have 3 siblings and grew up in  ".... my back  still breaks when I hear that word, Tillsonburg".  University took my to Waterloo; a boyfriend  took me to Calgary and then I discovered podiatry.  It seemed like a good idea at the time...

How the feet go, everything goes … your gait … your posture … your general health and vitality.
If you can’t walk and exercise, life is harder!
Dr. Turner has created a blog for people to discover and create the best possible body from the ground up.