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The Foot Trooth

Who has the foot trooth ? 

If your feet hurt and you can’t seem to solve the problem, you are in good company. Feet are the most complex part of the body and there are so many things that can go wrong !!  And, there many different types of practitioners offering different perspectives.
Who has the foot trooth ? 

Healers abound in western culture. From reflexology to foot surgeons. From homeopathy to pharmaceuticals, physios to chiropractors.

If you have a foot problem, don’t be stoopid ! See a foot specialist.
Of course I would say that. I’m a podiatrist.

Here’s why.

A 57 year old male:
comes into my office with a hip problem for 15 years.
He has tried everything from physiotherapy to massage; x-rays to orthotics to exercising and nothing worked. He had to give up running. In taking a history, a podiatrist looks at all systems of the body and has a comprehensive understanding of feet.. In this particular case the patient had a corn that had hurt for so long he forgot about it, and altered his gait and activities to minimize the pain. I found it, excised it, and the patient’s gait altered immediately. Hip pain gone within a month.

A 45 year old female:
… went to a shoe store where she was told she should use metatarsal pads to separate her toes which were going numb. She wore the pads and developed severe pain under the ball of the foot. She ended up in my office with swelling and warmth, and When I examine her feet, I find that she has placed the metatarsal pads directly under her metatarsal heads which has caused severe strain of the intermetatarsal ligaments, leading to inflammation. The shoe salesperson did not understand the anatomy or mechanics of the foot adequately to suggest this seemingly benign item for sale in their store.

FOOT TIP 1: When seeking the trooth, find that person with the most knowledge and experience, who also listens and looks carefully.

FOOT TIP 2: Dr. Scholl is not a real doctor; and hardly ever is anyone working in a retail store, including people selling orthotics.

When it comes to custom foot orthotics, there are indeed many options. Who should you trust ?  

Custom foot orthotics made by a podiatrist are state of the art

Through decades of scientific research and development, podiatrists created the standard of care for this industry. That doesn’t mean they’re for everybody. A $50 insole may work better for some.

So, who has the foot trooth ?

That’d be you. Know your body, do your research, ask around, get a few opinions. Have one of them be a podiatrist.  When it comes to feet, the trooth is whatever works for you.