Who Is Sue Turner ?

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Who Is Sue Turner ?

I am the daughter of my parents, Bev and Rick Turner.
I have 3 siblings and grew up in “…. my back still breaks when I hear that word, Tillsonburg”.

University took me to Waterloo; a boyfriend took me to Calgary, and then I discovered podiatry. It seemed like a good idea at the time, especially living and studying in San Francisco, as from a young age I was drawn to the peace movement there.
I didn’t leave my heart there, but I truly loved it. 

I moved to Vancouver after graduation to get away from the American medical system, which I thought was inferior to our socialized medicine. I got married to a podiatrist, and divorced 3 years later.

I took up swing dancing, learned shiatsu and Reiki, and took the Course in Miracles, Landmark, and Gestalt training. 

Now I’ve been a podiatrist for 26 years, I’m 56 years old, and having seen roughly 26,000 new patients, I have witnessed my fair share of foot problems, applied a variety of foot solutions and many feet and lives have been impacted. 

There have been left turns, right turns and well ….. just turns, over those 26 years. I started out working at Riverview Hospital in Coquitlam with geriatric people with mental issues. I cut toenails in nursing homes; I specialized in arthritis and chronic pain; taught occupational therapists how to make better orthotics; fixed plantar fasciitis hundreds of times; didn’t fix it several times; debrided diabetic wounds; did minor surgeries, reassured many people about various bumps, lumps, aches and pains.

I decided 8 years into my practice that I wanted to be a blues musician, and I became one.

I moved to Nelson, B.C., for 10 months for music school and kept my practice going by flying back every 5 weeks and working for 5 days. 

In the last few years I’ve lost one of my best friends to Alzheimers and my best dog to old age.

I have no children; but love those of my siblings. I love being around children and learn from them often. 

All of this and more has given me a rich well to dip into for songwriting, which I love just about as much as fixing feet.