Portofino Shoes

Portofino Shoes

PORTOFINO Shoes are a comfort shoe brand that is orthotic friendly, made in Spain, Italy and Portugal. The company started in 1959 and was built on a solid reputation in the field of orthopaedic shoes for children. Since 2000, the company realized that the population was aging but refusing to grow old, staying more active by all means necessary. Since then they have expanded their production to include adult shoes, boots, clogs and slippers.

Women, in particular, asked the company to make orthopaedic shoes that were more aesthetically pleasing. The Portofino brand is known for its quality and originality, artistic design and exclusive inventory of styles that will take orthotics and include orthopaedic features such as stretch material around bunion areas, dropped heel counter around ankles, extra depth and width for example. 

 I highly recommend this shoe brand if you’re looking for:
Fantastic shoes, boots and slippers that will take your orthotics easily.
Orthopaedic features (extra depth, width, stretchability, orthotic friendly)
Good looks – it is hard to believe these shoes are orthopaedic in nature
Quality – materials and workmanship are superb

Check out their website to see the vast array of styles, colours, etc for men and women.
If you’re interested in ordering, I can advise you on proper fitting and appropriate styles.
I can also provide a prescription for anyone who’s foot issue is likely to improve with orthopedic features offered by these shoes.

“Your orthotics work only as well as the shoes you’re wearing them in.”