Tips For Orthotics Lovers

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Tips For Orthotic Lovers

A few pointers on how to love your orthotics even more than you already do.


1. Wear your orthotics as consistently as you can. If your symptoms are recurring or you have new issues cropping up, it may be because you’re not wearing them enough of the time.
2. In the summer when you may be in less supportive shoes, try wearing your most supportive shoes with the orthotics around the house or garden so that you increase your wearing time.
3. If you’re not happy with your orthotics, call or email me so I can offer suggestions or modifications.
4. If your orthotics are wonderful, don’t change them, even if someone tells you to. Once you have orthotics that perform well for you, you can continue wearing them for years or decades. Of course, the top cover might need replacing every few years.
5. If you’ve gained weight or have added new activities and your orthotics are not as comfortable, return to the office for re-assessment and possible modification of the orthotics.
6. Follow-up with your orthotic provider (that would be me) if you experience new symptoms in your feet, knees, legs, hips or back. This may occur soon after you get the orthotics or months to years later.
7. Use a massage therapist or osteopath periodically to “reset” your muscles and posture for optimal function.