Your Feet Shouldn't Hurt

Your Feet Shouldn't Hurt.

Neither should your knees, hip and back. You have a body and it will break down over time. You will gain weight, take up running, or if you’re like me “wogging” – walk/jogging. You will go dancing or hiking or take a trip and walk on cobblestone and you will get home the next day or week and notice pain or swelling, and that’s how life is.

Now what? You will either hope it goes away and maybe give up your exercise for a day, a week or a year, or, you will seek medical help. For this you may go to your doctor, your mother, or your best friend. Or, you may ask the person who’s selling you new shoes or the clerk at the drugstore.


Consider that seeing a specialist will not only more likely solve your problem, but will also get to the source of your body functioning optimally, and possibly prevent it from happening again. You are more likely to be satisfied with a visit to a qualified professional.
That’s where I come in.

I’ve been assessing and treating foot, knee, hip and back issues for 25 years and love making that difference for people.

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